About Me

I was  born for such a time as this, Before I was born God knew me. He alone has had his most trustworthy holy angels look over me. Since my date of birth, I can remember and recall everything that has ever happened to me. As a new born baby I can in the most detail remember all the pain causing visits to the children's hospital Myrtle Street Liverpool because I had a problematic long term fluid producing abscess in my middle ear. I can remember my mum bathing and dressing me and taking me for long term dressing & treatment. from the doctors and nurses who all had on their heads a 3-4 inch silver light disk on their head. The excruciating pain I felt as they poked and prodded the very long bandage type dressing was unbearable torture but my mum crying could only hold me down even tighter. I had no pain relief whatsoever but how can I tell anybody, I COULD ONLY CRY.

As I grew up I would go to my local church with my elder brother to attend Sunday school and later the Church services next door as a choir boy this lasted for about two years. For some reason my elder brother would always be other peoples blue eyed boy so I eventually lost interest. My friends and me would always play together around our local area. On one occasion we were exploring in bluebell woods when we came across a massive horse chestnut tree, It  caught our attention, because Conker season had just arrived I remember someone saying let's all climb up  and get the best conkers. There was about eight of us we all started to climb up. I was on the tree for sometime when I fell backwards plummeting to the ground through the many branches I could hear all my friends and family screaming. I hit the ground with a thump. My eyes closed I could hear everyone clambering down and crying my younger brother called out is he dead? My elder brother in heart broken tears said how are we going to tell my mum? It seemed everyone was in a deep state of shock.

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